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Meggett 1925 Project

The Meggett 1925 Project

Meggett 1925 is the name of a community-based project dedicated to preserving Meggett’s past and ensuring its future.

In the early 1900s, the Town of Meggett was a major Lowcountry railroad hub, connecting the waterway freight system and truck farmers.  The town also served as a major distribution point for the second largest oyster and fish cannery in the state.  In the 1920s, the South Carolina Produce Association built a large two-story brick building to house the Association and the Farmer’s Exchange Bank.  Along with the adjacent Post Office, railroad depot, packing shed and large merchants’ building, downtown Meggett prospered for over 30 years.

However, the advent of refrigerated trucks, the decline of the oyster industry and the consolidation of the railroad led to the temporary decline of the town.

In 2001, the Meggett Citizen Planning Committee studied the town’s assets and made recommendations to return the town to its era of prosperity.  With history as the driving force, the Committee developed a master plan to provide a wide array of social, economic and recreational opportunities for the citizens of the town and surrounding areas.  The project was named Meggett 1925 to reflect the town’s glory days.

The initial phase aimed to generate community support by constructing the Donor’s Pavilion, a covered walkway connecting the present Town Hall and the adjacent Association building.  The Donor’s Pavilion allowed every citizen to become involved through volunteer work or financial support.  The sale of brick pavers, T-shirts and Christmas ornaments helped raise funds for the project, reducing the town’s dependence on grants and other tax dollars.

With a state Department of Transportation Enhancement Grant, in-kind services, volunteers and town funds, the town has restored the Association building.  It provides spaces which are leased to professional businesses Just across the street is the new community park, featuring a pond, walking trail, shelters, benches and a playground..  Meggett also received a grant to install sidewalks, historical lighting and landscaping to this downtown area.

Future plans include reconstructing the railroad depot and packing shed, as well as the merchants’ building.  Suggestions for the depot is making it a restaurant and the packing shed can be a venue for weekend farmers markets, arts and craft shows and antique fairs.  The merchants’ building will provide small retail spaces with quality facilities for citizens and other entrepreneurs to locate their businesses.

We are very proud of our residents, Meggett 1925 members and local businesses that  have volunteered their time and donated talents and funds in support of this wonderful project.

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