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Businesses located in Meggett should contact Meggett Town Hall to obtain a local business license.  Once a local business has received their first business license, they should receive a renewal packet each year after in December.  Below you can download and print the fee schedule, Classification List and Business License Application for the current year.

If you have a business or home occupation in Meggett and do not have a Town of Meggett Business License, please contact Meggett Town Hall at 843-889-3622.

Business License Application 2018

Business License Classification

Business License Fees Schedule 2018

Apply and Pay online for Annual Meggett Business License for Business Located in Meggett, SC

2018 Town of Meggett Business License


Any type of business, home occupation or work that take place inside of  the Meggett Municipality must have a Town of Meggett Business License.  The fee for a business license is based on the business type and the type of work being performed.  Because of the varying nature of the fees, it is important you contact the Meggett Town Hall with any questions regarding a business license.

not in meggett

Businesses not located in Meggett, but perform work in Meggett require a Town of Meggett Business License to work legally in Meggett, SC.  All construction business must have a current Town of Meggett business license specific to the address where the work is being completed before obtaining a Charleston County Permit for the address where the work is being completed.

Business classified as construction type businesses can apply and pay for their Town of Meggett Business License online.  There is a 48 hour or two business day turn around for online applications.  You can stop by the Meggett Town Hall, Monday – Friday 8 am – 3:30 pm to apply and pay in person or call 843-889-3622 for assistance.

Construction Companies not located in Meggett can click here to apply and pay online.