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Upcoming events in the town of Meggett, South Carolina.

BZA Hearing April 17th @ 7 pm

You are invited to join the Town of Meggett’s Board of Zoning Appeals when they meet Tuesday, April 17th @ 7 pm to hear BZAV-02-18-00241 at the SCPA Building located at 4770 Highway 165, Meggett, SC 29449. If you wish to speak for or against the proposed variance, you will need to be on time […]

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Roxbury Park: Over 1000 Species Observed!

Exciting News… Roxbury Park has over 1000 species observed to date! 1012 to be exact!   The park’s caretaker, Tom Austin, recently shared Roxbury Park’s milestone accomplishment with Town leaders! The biodiversity of Roxbury Park is easily seen in just one visit, but keeps our visitors coming back year after year.  We want to extend […]

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What is an Interested Party List? – Must Read

An Interested Party List consists of those who receive notification of Public Hearing, BZA Meeting and Planning Commission Meeting dates and notifications.  In addition, will also include e-Newsletters and other announcements.  Currently the Town already e-mails the Council Meeting Agenda, but the Town wants our residents to be as informed and involved with the Town’s […]

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