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Detour Map for Navigating around Town Hall


Detour Map for Navigating Around Town Hall

From time to time the Town of Meggett will request Charleston County close part of Highway 165 in front of our Town Hall.  Road closures are always for safety reasons and we have detours signs to help our residents and visitors navigate around the road closure.

We are working on a better way to ensure our residents are informed of the road closures so they can plan accordingly.  We will always post planned closures on our website and send out e-mails, and will include the planned closure in our newsletters when time allows.

Please encourage your guests to observe our road closures/detours and not create their own detours though the park across from Town Hall or move road blocks placed by the county.   Our guests are not expecting cars on the road or in the park and will not be watching out for them.  Please for the safety of our visitors respect our road closures.

A detour map is available to print and share below, in pdf format, to show how to safely navigate around the closure or you can pick up a copy at the Town Hall.

Thank you for your help keeping our town events safe!

Detour Map for Navigating Around Town Hall