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Legal Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information

Data that you provide to us during your web visit is used for the sole purpose of communications between the Town of Meggett and our web site visitors. None of the data that you provide will be stored, re-distributed, sold or used for any other purposes than communication between the Town of Meggett and the web site visitor.

Distribution and Management
The Town of Meggett will not re-use or distribute any information that is gathered during your online experience at the The Town of Meggett Online website. It is therefore not neccesary for our visitors to opt-in, or opt-out, of use of the information gathered online by The Town of Meggett Online. We do not disclose, sell, or rent information that you may give us to any outside companies or organizations.

Neither the Town of Meggett, S.C. nor any agency, officer, elected official or employee of the Town of Meggett, S.C. (collectively known as “The Town of Meggett”) warrants the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information on this website and shall not be liable for any losses caused by such reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information, including, but not limited to, incidental and consequential damages. This publication is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. The Town of Meggett maintains all immunities as provided in the S.C. Tort Claims Act.

Portions of such information may be incorrect or not current. Any person or entity who relies on any information obtained from this website does so at his or her own risk. In addition, nothing contained within this website is an official record of the Town of Meggett or the elected officials responsible therefore. All official records of the Town of Meggett and the offices of countywide elected officials are on file in their respective offices and may be reviewed by the public at those offices.

It is the policy of Town of Meggett to only have Internet links from the Web site to official government entities on a local, state or federal level, or to certain private entities performing town-county-sponsored functions. Approval for any links must be made by the Town of Meggett Administrator. If another organization, agency or private company has a link to Town of Meggett’s Web site, the Town of Meggett is not obligated to reciprocate the link.

Any hyperlinks to other sites on the Internet World Wide Web that are neither controlled, sponsored nor endorsed by the Town of Meggett. They have been included to give you access to other organizations with expertise that may be of value as an educational or reference tool or because they may be related to the mission of the Town of Meggett. The Town of Meggett takes no responsibility for the views, content or accuracy of this information nor do we endorse any content or products that may be advertised or noted on these hyperlinked Web sites.

There are no warranties, expressed, implied or statutory, as to any of the information contained through this website whatsoever, including, but not limited to, its merchantability or its fitness for any particular purpose.

Use of Constituent E-mail Addresses
E-mail addresses obtained as a result of requests to Town of Meggett Web sites will not be sold or given to any organization outside of Town of Meggett agencies for marketing purposes. The information collected is subject to the access and confidentiality provisions of the State’s Freedom of Information Act and other applicable sections of the South Carolina Code of Laws and/or federal law. E-mail or other information requests sent to Town of Meggett Web sites may be maintained in order to: respond to the request, forward that request to the appropriate agency, communicate updates to the Town of Meggett website page that may be of interest to citizens, or provide the Web designer with valuable customer feedback to assist in improving the site.

Non-Town of Meggett Web Sites
Various Web sites will be linked through Town of Meggett. This includes Web sites of other governmental agencies, as well as Web sites of private entities. Many of these sites may not be subject to the South Carolina Code of Laws, or may operate under different privacy standards. Visitors to those Web sites are advised to check the privacy statements of those sites and be cautious about providing personally identifiable information without a clear understanding of how the information will be used.