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Town of Meggett Voting Information

May 2, 2017 Municipal Elections were not required this year due to no opposing candidates for the two council member seats up for election.

Council Member seats for Council Member I. Keith McCarty and Council Member Tommy Butler were both up for re-election this year.  After the filing process ended, both Council Members were running unopposed.  Under the guidance of the Charleston County Board of Elections, the Town of Meggett was informed an election would not be necessary.

A swearing in ceremony will be held at the Town’s May Town Council Meeting, May 22, 2017.  Please join us at 7 pm for the meeting, swearing in ceremony and reception.

Voter Information

Image result for I voted imagesCHANGE FOR STATE & NATIONAL ELECTIONS: St. Paul’s #3 Voting District’s polling location for STATE and NATIONAL Elections has be changed to Lowcountry Leadership Charter School.  This move IS A POSITIVE CHANGE FOR MEGGETT, the school has the space to allow our voters to be protected from the weather on cold and/or rainy election days.

The Meggett Town Hall will continue to be the polling location for our LOCAL COUNCIL and MAYOR ELECTIONS in Meggett.  

The Town Hall office mailed out postcards last May to Meggett Residents alerting them of the change and how it will affect Local vs. State vs. National elections.  The Interested Party List was also emailed the postcard image in May.  The postcard can be view by clicking on the link below.  Please share this information with any Meggett Resident that might not be on our mailing lists.

CURBSIDE ASSISTANCE: On election day, whether the location is Meggett Town Hall or Lowcountry Leadership Charter School, if you are unable to come inside the polling location to vote, you will be able to continue to receive curbside assistance.

BOARD OF ELECTIONS SERVICES: The Charleston County Board of Elections can help you with voter registration, change of address, absentee voting and other questions you would have regarding elections in Charleston County.

Below is contact information for Charleston County Board of Elections.

Charleston County Board of Elections
4367 Headquarters Road
Charleston, SC 29405

Please visit this page often, there will be updates and helpful voter information as we receive updates of upcoming elections.