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Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions

The Town of Meggett depends on community-based Boards and Commissions to help govern the town and to provide input to Town Council and staff. The people on our Boards and Commissions are selected by the Mayor and Council, and the only requirements are you have to be a registered voter and a resident of the Town of Meggett.

Interested in helping? Contact Town Hall at 843-889-3622.

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals regulates and enforces Meggett’s zoning code, designed to maintain the historic beauty of our town. The BZA hears cases when residents or property owners require variances, special exceptions or wish to appeal an Administrative Decision on a Zoning matter. The decision of the BZA is final. More information can be found in the Zoning and Land Development Regulations under Article 10.9 on the BZA and their responsibilities.

The members of the Board of Zoning Appeals are:

  • Jodi Crosby, Chairman
  • Patrick Butler
  • Josh Garvin
  • Donald Flippen
  • Donald Colby

2018 BZA Meeting Schedule and Filing Deadlines

Rules and Procedures for the BZA are available here.

Planning Commission

The Meggett Planning Commission is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the growth and development of the Town of Meggett. They do this through reviewing subdivision request of 10 lots or more, reviewing and suggesting changes to the Zoning and Land Development Regulations, and updating the Comprehensive Plan.

Members of the Meggett Planning Commission are:

  • Andy Anderson, Chairman
  • Ed Amerman
  • Robert Clark
  • Teri Epting
  • David Singleton

Planning Commission Schedule for Meetings, Hearings, Filing Deadlines and 1st Readings

Rules and Procedures for the Planning Commission.

Ordinance 2010-03 Amending Terms of Appointment for Planning Commission are here.

Municipal Election Commissioners

  • Ken Schilling – Chairman
  • Dr Richard Unger
  • Bobby Bruno