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Roxbury Park Rental and Booking

Construction Alert @ Roxbury Park Cottage Area

The Roxbury Park Cottage grounds and causeway will be closed to the public for all activities beginning in July 2017  due to the construction of the new picnic shelter.

No future rentals agreements for the cottage or  the new pavilion will be booked until the final inspections have been completed.

The Town apologizes for any inconvenience and appreciates your cooperation.

Roxbury Park Cottage

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No television?
No Internet?
No problem!
Even as adults we were apprehensive about how we’d survive a week without the technology we’ve grown to depend upon. Staying in a secluded cabin cut off from life’s frills can be a daunting challenge. But we agreed to make the most of it.
When the sun went down on our first evening at Roxbury, the park literally came to life. It turned out Roxbury is a star gazer’s paradise. We saw more stars, constellations, and planets in one evening than we’ve seen in years. That alone should appeal to any budding astronomer.
Back on earth we thoroughly enjoyed the wealth of wildlife, the solitude of the park, the panoramic views of Toogoodoo Creek, and the comfort of the cabin. We brought a canoe along and did a lot of exploring. Who would have thought dolphins came this far inland?
Roxbury Park is a great place to slow the pace of your life down and get reacquainted with the meaning of relaxation.
~John S.
South Carolina
“…Roxbury Park is a gem of a nature park.
Incredible for birding, especially.
But there are lots of other things to see and learn about as you walk on the miles of trails.
Additionally the Town of Megget owns a cottage there and I recently rented it for our daughter and her family as there were just too many to put up in our home.  The boys had so much fun fishing, biking, exploring, canoeing, etc. that they asked to stay on an extra day.
The caretaker, Ken Carman, helped any way he could to make it a special stay for our family, including a night walk with the boys.
Cottage is just that–a cottage–nothing fancy but accommodates 10 people.  And since the place is only open on weekends, you have the whole park to yourself during the week!
Absolutely perfect for a family with kids.  Highly recommend both the park and a stay at the cottage for a wonderful, memory-making vacation.
Thanks for EVERYTHING!!  It truly, truly was the most wonderful trip for my family…”
~Kathy Mayer
Meggett, SC

Roxbury Park has a beautiful two bedroom cottage on a clearing surrounded by marsh, a creek, and two fresh water ponds (catch & release only).  It is available for rent (by the night, weekend, or week).
It currently sleeps 8-10 people.  The lawn area around the cottage is also available for weddings, receptions, family reunions, and other similar events.

The rates for renting the cottage are as follows:
Daily Rate        $200.00
3 day rental     $500.00   3 Nights/4Days
4 day rental     $700.00    4 Nights/5Days
Weekly Rental $1,050.00
Special Events $1,000.00 per day
A $1,000.00 (refundable) deposit is required on all rentals.

For more information about renting the cottage, or reserving a portion of the park, please use the booking form below.

Alternatively contact the Town Of Meggett at 843-889-3622

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Roxbury Park Event Booking Form

Please check the calendar to the right to see if the dates you would like to book are available.

Click Here to complete a contact submission form for rental fees and deposits.

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Roxbury Park Cottage Amenities and Information

  • Site Type: Cabin/Cottage
  • Site Reserve Type: Site-Specific
  • Site Access: Drive-In
  • Type of Use: Overnight
  • Min Num of People: 1
  • Max Num of People: 10
  • Max Num of Vehicles: 2
  • Shade: Full
  • Num of Rooms: 2
  • Num of Bedrooms: 2
  • Air Conditioning: Y
  • Electric Heating: Y
  • Hot Water: Y
  • Bed Type: Queen/Twins
  • Linens: Y
  • Living Room: Y
  • Num of Beds: 2
  • Num of Queen Beds: 1
  • Num of Twin Beds:2
  • Fridge with Freezer: Y
  • Lighting: Y
  • Microwave: Y
  • Porch: Screened
  • Radio: Y
  • Satellite TV Access: N
  • Stove/Oven: Y
  • Supplies: Pots/Pans,Utensils
  • Television: Y
  • Grills: Y
  • Looking For Category: Cabin and Lodging
  • Picnic Table: Y
  • Shower/Bath Type: Shower Stall
  • Toilet: Y

Also, Please keep in mind we do not have an ice machine.  You may want to bring your own ice.

Our water system is a well. You might wish to bring bottled water for drinking.

Bring  DVD’s if you  plan  to watch TV.

Heaters- One space heater is provided for downstairs. Upstairs heaters are operated by the dials on the walls.

Keep main gate closed at all times except for Saturday and Sunday. Keep second gate closed at all times except during your event.

Do not allow cars or large heavy vehicles to drive past the second gate.
Contact Mayor Buster Herrington  with  any problems 843-901-1213.

If the Mayor can’t be reached you are welcome to contact Angela Watts 843-200-4559.